When a rising Twitch streamer asks for a cinematic approach for a new stream revamp, we jumped on board without hesitation. Pace22, a variety streamer which currently focuses on Sea of Thieves and Apex Legends has grown in popularity on Twitch, going from an average of 30 to 80 viewers a day to roughly 900 to 1500 viewers a day. This is a large milestone for any streamer and it’s a perfect time for a design overhaul.

The new package contains several elements such as new alerts, countdowns, intro and social media imagery. Below you can see what we created.

This revamp took approximately 1 1/2 months to complete and created by one designer here at Lightflux Studios.

Designer: Kevin (EnticeTheMalice)

The countdown is a time synced reactor device that is introduced in a slow cinematic way. This reactor is a 3d model with high res texturing and lighting. The model is completely rigged for animation, including its internal parts. This is merely the first scene of what is yet to come from this mysterious device.

Pace22 Countdown Reactor Z Depth Pass



Pace22 Countdown Reactor Ambient Occlusion Pass


In order to get a more realistic visual representation of this reactor, several techniques were used such as z depth and ambient occlusion, all rendered in a ray trace environment.

Pace22 3D Logo Intro


Pace22 3D Logo Reveal


The redesign of the Pace22 logo was first created as a vector art element and then brought into a 3d environment. Once the mesh was complete, it was textured, lit and animated.

Pace22 Pregame with animated background, Panels, Get Sunk animation, animated alpha chan transition


This is only the beginning for the Pace22 brand. Additional elements will be introduced in the next few months to keep in sync with the growing popularity of this stream. Maybe even more on the reactor device? What could it be for? We should find out some time soon. Be sure to check out the new look at www.twitch.tv/pace22 during his daily streams.