When it comes to Call of Duty Pubstompers, look no further than PWNSTARZ.

PWNSTARZ has been in the Twitch game for a number of years. As he has grown, his brand identity was held behind. There was no real visual appeal in the streams current state and it was agreed upon that a change was needed.

The new PWNSTARZ brand correctly reflects the color scheme and visual style PWNSTARZ was looking for.  Some of the items included in this re-vamped identity are as follows;

  • New 3D logo
  • Logo intro
  • Twitch overlay, panels
  • Animated starting, ending and pregame videos
  • 2 min full 3D intro/countdown

This revamp took approximately 1 month to complete and created by one designer here at Lightflux Studios.

Designer: Kevin (EnticeTheMalice)