Everything from intros to countdowns, Lightflux Studios specialize in cinematic motion design to bring your brand to life. We focus on both the gaming and entertainment industries, so no matter if you are a gamer, streamer or a brand looking to advertise your product, we have you covered.

Some popular motion design services, not limited to;

  • Streamer production assets
  • TV/Broadcast motion design
  • Video editing (rough and final cuts)


Lightflux Studios is a full service visual effects facility contributing to a film’s making from script analysis to mastering. Working closely with independent and professional filmmakers, Lightflux Studios a cinematic experience at a cost effective rate. Please note, we take visual fx projects on a case by case basis.

Common visual fx services below, but not limited to;

  • Script analysis / vfx breakdown
  • Post/Previsualization
  • VFX producing and coordination
  • Compositing
  • 3D animation / CGI